Caring for Your Linens: Removing Oil Stains

If you practice massage therapy using oils, it is very important to treat your linens as soon as possible.

• Pre-treat stains with Dawn dish soap or use any automatic dishwasher soap.• These soaps are designed to break up oil and grease on dishes but will also work well on your massage table linens.

• For best results, pre-treat within 24 hours of stains.

• After removing oil stains, you may dry linens as normal.

• We recommend using a low heat setting and throwing in a few tennis balls to reduce drying time.

• Remove linens as soon as the dryer stops to avoid wrinkles.

For Micro Fiber Sheets

• Be sure to use enough water when trying to get oil stains out. Front load washers are stingy with water. Most have the ability to add extra water with the push of a button.

• We recommend washing oil stained sheets daily in warm/cold water and drying on medium/low temperatures.

• when sheets sit for days, oil stains are harder to get out. Use liquid detergents to stain treat.

• Lotus Touch Always Fresh Professional Laundry Detergent is a detergent we have found a lot of success with treating oil stains.