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Please shower before getting your massage – Remove all tanning lotions

60 Min Swedish Massage
90 Min Swedish Massage $110.00
60 Min Combo / Deep Tissue
60 Min Sports Massage $85.00
60 MIn Lymphatic Massage
60 Min Lymphatic Massage with drainage
60 Min Couples Massage- Swedish $165.00
60 Min 4 Hands Massage – Swedish $165.00
90 Min. Detox me package:
   30 min swedish massage
   60 Min Seaweed Body Wrap
Full body Infrared blanket
60 Min. Detox me package:
Seaweed Body Wrap
Special blend wrap – Full body Infrared
Cupping: Breast or Buttocks (bbl) enhancement
without surgery
$175.00 (See Coupon)
How Long Does a Cupping Treatment Take?
You can expect your buttocks or breast treatment to take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. However, this treatment is the equivalent of performing over 1000 squats. The benefit is, instead of spending 30 minutes at the gym performing endless squats and working up a sweat, you can come here to our office and undergo this non-invasive treatment.
* Standard glide cupping is no extra charge.
* Standard Vibration therapy is no extra charge.

End of June Special