Vibration Therapy Massage


What Are the Benefits of Vibration Massage?

Vibration massage can be performed by a therapist or with an electronic device. In this massage stroke, the body part or muscle is shaken, using light to firm pressure. The shaking can be much more vigorous if an electronic device designed specifically for the purpose is utilized. Vibrational massage can be applied to any part of the body that can receive other massage strokes.


Vibration techniques usually come at the end of a massage session, and are used to further relax the client and stimulate the blood flow once more before the recipient gets off the massage table. The vibration movement both relaxes the underlying muscles and creates a body-wide sense of relaxation.

Pain Relief

The Ohio State University Medical Center recommends using vibration massage as a method of pain relief that doesn’t involve drugs. The vibrational massage helps relieve painful conditions by creating numbness in the afflicted area. Vibration can also help relax muscles surrounding the painful site, which can further reduce the pain. If you can’t apply vibration directly to the painful area, try using the technique above or below the injured area.


Vibration massage is also used to provide the recipient with a sense of invigoration. Vibrational massage when performed at the end of the session leaves clients feeling less groggy when they get off the table. Light vibration can be performed before a sporting event to stimulate the blood flow and leave the athlete feeling a sense of energy.


10 Minutes is equal to one hour of running
At 30 hz muscles are contracting up to 30 times per second
That’s up to 1800 muscle contractions per minute

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NOTES:The cases for or against vibration exercise are not yet solid enough for a slam-dunk verdict. Exercise scientists are still discovering how to best prescribe vibration machines for maximum fitness benefits. More scientific research is being released that seems to support a positive correlation between muscle performance and applied vibration. Meantime, physiological experts debate the specifics, such as how intense the vibration should be and for exactly how long. Their goal is to maximize effectiveness while reducing the possibility of harmful side effects. While recent studies have positive findings, many of their authors continue to call for more research.