Intake Forms

Massage Intake Forms:
If you have scheduled an appointment, please print out the intake form and fill it out before coming for your first time. This will save you time for doing what you really want, which is to receive a great massage!

(1) Client Intake Form.PDF
(2) Prenatal Release Form

Why do you ask the questions on the client intake?

The Client intake is my way of getting to know who you are as an individual.  It asks questions about your medical history and about your activities, so that I can get an understanding of what may be best for the individual bodywork I will do with you.  Please fill it out as completely as possible so that I can give you the best massage possible.

Do I need to bring a client intake every time I receive a massage?
No you don’t.  On the first appointment, I will do my best to gain an understanding of your history and current situation, and then will keep your client intake on hand for future reference.  I do ask, however,  when coming to receive your massage in the future, you let me know of any changes that may have occurred.

(i.e.  If you had surgery since the last time you received a massage, or started a new medication.)

What if I am under age 18?

You will need to print out and review the minor release form.
(2) Release Form For Minors (Under Age 18) listed above